Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cooking Class: Introduction

I love Julia Child. Even in the present tense as I seek out old clips from her original PBS series. She made me love to cook.  In the late 60's and early 70's she helped women see beyond what they grew up eating and beyond the frozen tv trays and be bold! Her techniques inspired people who may have never otherwise attempted cooking.
Still, I felt something was missing. Maybe when I was a child, there was a large population who were titillated by French Cuisine. Judging from the numerous articles and recipes from the era, I feel pretty confident in that statement. 
Unfortunately French cooking often conjures images of Haute' Cuisine, with each vegetable cut in a tedious and specific way, and careful arrangement on the plate with various components carefully inter-weaved. While lovely, no one has time for that. So, while I will always love Julia Child and her cooking shows, the ones she meant to be an introduction to cooking fall short today in so far as inspiring people to feel confident in the kitchen.
This series is hoping to break down that barrier and make cooking very simple and step by step. First there will be some articles on basic equipment and a few techniques. As the skills build I will start making extremely basic recipes with ideas on how to change the recipe using the skills learned so far, and in some cases teaching a new skill. 
I welcome any and all questions about this series. The only way to learn is to understand, and by answering your questions well, I am helping you to understand. This contributes to learning, and in the end, gaining the confidence you need to to be able to whip something up out of a few on hand ingredients or fix an internet recipe that looked interesting but fell flat.
I really hope that this series inspires you, with regards,


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